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The Scoop – Our New CCO | NewFronts | Skills Gap April 27, 2015

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Huge congratulations to Dr. Susan Dorfman on her promotion to Chief Commercial Officer!  In this role Susan will lead our organization’s Commercial Strategy that assures our products and services are leading and in alignment with client needs and expectations.  As you know if you’ve even met Susan just for a moment, her knowledge of the industry and how to drive business is world-class and in this role she will be able to bring those strengths to every aspect of our business. Please join me in congratulating Susan at – or on her favorite means of communication, LinkedIn.

Digital Content NewFronts are beginning – the event(s), which allow advertisers to preview and get great rates for ad buys with launching digital content, used to be one event by one creative agency but has grown since 2012 to more than 30 events by media companies over two weeks.  And as word has spread about how fun and star-studded the events can be (you wouldn’t believe who I’ve met there) New York Times reports they’re increasingly crowded.

I found an interactive graph that dynamically shows what types of skills companies seek in their employees, reports SEO Analyst David Hur. Naturally, I checked the pharma industry and the healthcare industry (see link to view). What I found interesting is that employers in healthcare sought employees who had strategic thinking, leadership, and communication skills but these were the least common in that industry.  In the pharma space, the employers sought creative problem-solving but this was least common.  I guess that’s where CMI comes to play!

Colleges and Universities are stepping up mental health care resources for students as need grows. This WSJ article focuses on who should foot the bill, but what’s news to me is that MIT had 6 suicides last year, and other schools are seeing similar trends. Could pharma step in as a resource?

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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