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The Scoop – Apple Watch: Will it Blend? | #viewability Webinar Today | Broad Street Run April 29, 2015

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Today at 1 Eastern time, our own Leanne Smith joins other experts on a panel by eHealthcare Solutions to discuss one of the most important topics affecting our industry today: Ad Viewability.  Bonus – all registrants will receive a free info packet about Ad Viewability which features the CMI/Compas whitepaper. If you haven’t yet, you can register here.

This Sunday our team will be taking on the 10 challenging miles of the Broad Street Run here in Philadelphia (the largest 10 miler in the world!) – the runners are psyched to achieve what they’ve been training for, and celebrate afterwards with our partners from WebMD/Medscape! You can see photos of the day in real time from event organizer (and SVP Media) Adam Scott Roberts on his Twitter feed.

There are more than 260 health or fitness-related Apple Watch apps, MobiHealthNews reports, with “13 apps related to medication adherence, 15 apps specifically for doctors or patients, 12 hydration tracking apps, and 13 apps for tracking fertility and/or pregnancy. And that was just on day one.” Thanks to Karima Sharif, Exec. Director, Media and Advanced Audience Engagements, for this story.

Google’s new interface aims to focus on what you need, versus what you ask. As Fast Company explains, “Google is shifting its role from providing an answer to providing a solution. The user no longer asks a question, only to be ferried to the equivalent of a user manual. We give a command.” And we become increasingly reliant on Google. Thanks to Lou Greisiger, Senior Marketing Program Analyst, for this story.

Headline of the day: “Inky STINK as rinky dink Apple Watch fails on TWO tattooed arms; Apple in ‘Won’t Work With Hipster Body Art’ shocker.” Really says it all, doesn’t it?

Campaign of the day: Will it Blend? BlendTec’s brilliant series strikes again with the Apple Watch. I’ve seen this campaign cited in several books as one of the best marketing campaigns of our day. Nerdy? Yes. Annoying? A little. But you just can’t look away, you won’t forget it easily, and it really does show the amazing capabilities of the BlendTec. Go ahead and watch it and ask yourself – what blender would I choose in the future?

– Carly Kuper, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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