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The Scoop – Med Ad News Agency Issue | Ad Viewability Highlights | Impact of ACA on Providers April 30, 2015

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In its annual agency issue, Med Ad News profiles CMI/Compas, focusing on the innovations we’ve launched over the past 12 months. This includes our programmatic offering, AdMission, which the profile cited as being the first to reach all audiences. We were also honored to be finalists for the Heart Award, which the editors choose based on organizations that have high levels of charitable giving and volunteering.

Highlights from yesterday’s eHealthcare Solutions panel on Ad Viewability (featuring Leanne Smith, Director, Insights and Analytics) provided thanks to Alana Ringler, Media Planner. Attendees will receive a whitepaper on viewability – if you’d like a copy please email me.

  • IAB came out and said “we don’t expect anyone to be 100% viewable”
    • Huge numbers are closer to 70% measured rate
  • One size does not fit all—every brand and publisher has a different viewable rate
    • The viewing experience of digital is very different from TV—fight between content/native ads, preroll all fighting for the first visitation
    • Customization is key
  • Transparency and timing is key to effective optimization of campaigns
    • Granular details help publishers to eliminate non-human traffic
    • When alerting publishers—timing is key.  Alerting them of the issue today may not be as helpful as tomorrow in changing behavior and impacting viewability
  • Viewability isn’t necessarily about above or below the fold—it’s about understanding the content and placing ads in the correct spot based on the audience engagement with content

Yesterday Epocrates/athenahealth ran a webinar called “Impact of the ACA on Providers: What does this mean for Pharma?” Here’s what I found to be pretty interesting – contrary to what many thought may happen, new patient visits really didn’t rise significantly. Data also shows that overall patient wellness/sickness didn’t vary much from pre-Obamacare, even among those with chronic diseases. The big difference between before and after? The percentage of uninsured patient visits. So it seems from their data that people went to their doctors whether sick or well, whether chronic condition or not, it’s just that now they’re insured.

New drugs are in development to not just stop but reverse nerve damage in those with MS. Thanks to Kaitlin Lucas, Marketing Research Coordinator, for this story.

Microsoft was granted a patent on eyeglasses that can detect emotion of people within the users’ field of vision. This could put them ahead in the AR arena, and might mean something significant to the autism world as well.

Scanadu, which creates home diagnostics marketed directly to consumers, is seeing success with its cuff-less blood pressure monitor and other devices, and is now working on developing home urine and blood test devices.

Oh man – it gets worse.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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