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The Scoop – Faster Drug Approvals | ER Visits Up | Cutting Type 2 Diabetes Risk May 4, 2015

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Huge congratulations to our Broad Street runners, who completed a grueling 10 mile run on an unusually warm day – the team included our friends from WebMD/Medscape. Stretch those quads! See photos from our pep rally and the run on Facebook and Twitter.

It may not seem like it, but drugs are being approved faster than ever – thanks mainly to bills passed in Congress and a new bill just introduced that may add additional special approval opportunities.

Despite the hypothesis that ER visits would go down from the ACA, they’ve gone up, most likely because of doctor access issues, according to a new study. Also, those who come in are sicker – but that may be due to our aging population.

Cut just one sugary drink per day and cut the risk of Type 2 diabetes dramatically, says a new study.

The big buzz this weekend was about some really sad news – SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg died suddenly, no cause of death given. His wife is Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Lean In fame.

Save the date – if you’re in the Philly area this Thursday, check out the PhIMA Networking Event at 6 pm – more details here, including how you can win an Apple Watch.

Innovation of the day: a 3D printed airway stent has already saved the lives of three infants.

Have a great day and May the Fourth be with you!

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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