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The Scoop – Mother’s Helper | WHO Adds Drugs to Essentials List | Ashley Olson’s Lyme Disease May 11, 2015

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Mother’s Day was pretty poignant for me, as I spent a significant part of the end of last week trying to get my baby’s fever down as she battled a virus. She’s (so thankfully) back to normal now, but as we waffled between 101 and 105 for two days I felt panicked, sad and exhausted. What struck me this morning as I sat down to write Scoop was how thankful I feel to the pharma industry – truly. It wasn’t just me, my husband and my mom trying to help our little girl – it was you. Every time I gave her a fever reducer, every time nebbed her with her asthma meds, I knew I was really doing something to help her. I can’t imagine not being able to have those resources. So thank you for being part of the industry that helps moms be good moms.

And in this weekend’s other Mother’s Day news:

  • President Obama, who has nailed PR, called three moms to say thank you for being great moms.
  • Moms explain what their kids (who are in advertising) do in a video by MRY.
  • Teleflora’s tearjerker ad features a thank you to a Navy pilot to his mom, who raised him by herself.

Very interesting development as the WHO has added several new drugs to their essential medicines list, including some for Hep C.

Ashley Olson has gone public with her Lyme disease. This should shatter some Lyme disease stereotypes because could you imagine her hiking? Yeah, me neither.

Autonomous trucks are now being tested on the roads, but it’s not what it sounds like – there are still drivers, but the trucks can help avoid accidents caused by fatigue.  Meanwhile, the autonomous cars being piloted in California (50 in all) have been involved 4 in accidents, although only two happened while in autonomous mode, the other two happened when a person was controlling the car.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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