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The Scoop – 7 EHR Issues You Should Evaluate | FDA Changes its Tune | Patient Mentors May 13, 2015

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This just in! EHR code broken! In a new MM&M piece, Chief Commercial Officer Dr. Susan Dorfman is the expert resource who helps explore what she calls the “new frontier,” EHRs, and outlines the seven potential issues that pharma marketers should evaluate, including analytics, smart targeting and more. As an organization we are focusing heavily on the exploration of EHRs and you will be seeing more insights from us in the coming months.

FDA has changed its stance to now allow gay men to donate blood, which rights groups like, and has issued guidance that includes a one-year ban on some, which rights groups don’t like.

The newest addition to successful patient teams – in addition to HCPs and loved ones – are mentors. Mentors are people who’ve been there before – had the same condition, pushed through and have advice and support to give.

Facebook as publisher: the social medium will start today to directly publish news articles and is promising a fast mobile loading experience.

Researchers have discovered a strange link between celiac disease and neuropathy (nerve damage).

The Obama administration has alerted health insurance companies that they must fully cover all forms of female birth control.

The Internet of Things is Samsung’s rallying cry, as they launch a ladybug-sized chip that can be added to – as Wall Street Journal reports – everything from light bulbs to drones.

WHO has issued a report warning against naming newly discovered diseases after people, places or animals for fear of causing negative consequences. So much for the “Kuperitis,” the disease of people who are wayyyy too good looking.

Awesome of the day: a teeny tiny (open source) Gameboy.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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