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The Scoop – iPharma Takeaways | Digital Trends Briefing | Beyond the Pill May 15, 2015

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Yesterday’s iPharma conference brought some interesting insights; thanks to SVP Customer Development Robert Kadar for this synopsis:

Lita Sands, Former Global Head, Digital Transformation, Novartis:

“Today 18% of GDP goes to healthcare costs. In 2 decades it will double. It’s unsustainable.”

“87% of physicians are in a group affiliation – they are employees.”

“1 in 5 are practicing remote medicine so physicians are much more digitally savvy than ever before.”

Jim DeLash, Director Promotion Optimization, ICE-Integrated Customer Experience, United States, GlaxoSmithKline:

Spoke about: The importance of testing all media and marketing programs and tactics:

3 ways to test:

–               What am I trying to prove – establish a hypothesis

–               Develop test strategies by segment

–               Create a measurement plan

Adobe’s 2015 Digital Trends Briefing is now available, and Andrew Richardson, Supervisor, Insights & Analytics shared: The overarching theme of the report is all about the customer experience. Connecting with the customer, becoming more customer-focused, and how leading organizations will differentiate themselves from their competitors by… you guessed it… enhancing the customer experience. Making it easy, valuable, fun, and more pleasurable to work with us. One survey respondent said, “Everything needs to be about the customer experience. Everything else just represents tools that can be used to achieve that goal.”

And speaking of the customer experience, let’s talk about Beyond the Pill for a minute. Two stories that have gone viral this week tell two very different sides of an issue where I think pharma could really provide value. Both are heartbreaking, in different ways.

  • An 81 year old man is discharged from the hospital following prostate cancer surgery to realize that he has no food in his fridge, no way to get to the store, and there’s no family or friends to help him. So he calls 911 in desperation.
  • A paralyzed woman can’t get out of the house much, but when she can she goes to Qdoba because she likes the food. Her server asks her the critical question – “is there anything else I can help you with?” and her response surprised him: “will you help me eat?”

So – anyone else’s brains buzzing on the Beyond the Pill implications?

And speaking of Beyond the Pill, an Apple Watch adherence app that helps people undergoing chemo will be piloted in the UK.

If you choked on your coffee reading the news of Facebook’s new venture into publishing, this article offers an excellent explanation of how it could benefit publishers rather than act as competition. Essentially, the larger and more targeted reach of Facebook could help advertisers find the audiences they’re looking for, and so the 70% cut Facebook gives publishers could be greater than what they’d get without it. Interesting concept.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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