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The Scoop – ELITE Disruptor | Changing Tide of NPP | WHO and Ebola May 19, 2015

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We’re so proud of our disruptor: join us in congratulating CEO Stan Woodland, who has been named a PM360 ELITE. As the article explains: “The ELITE (Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers and Entrepreneurs) represent the most influential people in the healthcare industry.” It’s an amazing list of leaders and game-changers across our industry – and we congratulate all of the ELITE.

Theresa Heintz, Senior Marketing Associate, attended yesterday’s MM&M Skill Sets Live, which focused on “The Changing Tide of NPP.” If you missed the real-time action on Twitter, here are her key takeaways:

  • Multi-channel marketing has evolved into the interaction among channels based on segments.  It’s no longer about broad reach (as we all know) it’s about hitting your segments in the right channels.  It’s about engaging everyone differently based on preferences and uniqueness.  
  • Marketing should start with the customer >budget > brand> message> channels
  • 57% of HCPs are employed vs independent and they have less control over drug pathways
    • Harder to focus on health when independent which is why more HCPs are moving to employed
  • 4 key challenges in accessing the patient voice
    • Unearthing user generated content
    • Unstructured patient language
    • Understanding personal experiences
    • Building scale, 24X7

The World Health Organization is implementing new policies to better handle health emergencies following the disaster that was the Ebola outbreak.

Odd medical news of the day: a 51 year old man sneezed out a toy that he wedged in his nose as a child.

Form and function news of the day: Some new Kate Spade purses will double as iPhone charging docs. Nice.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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