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The Scoop – Twitter and Google Partnership | Disruption Playbook | Elder Orphans May 20, 2015

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Twitter and Google have partnered to allow tweets to appear more prominently in Google search results. As AFP reports, “The move will allow Google to get more real-time results in its search queries, and help Twitter boost engagement after a period of sluggish user growth which has weighed on its stock price.”

Is it possible that every disruptor was just using the disruptee’s play book? Makes sense, since you have to really understand your industry to disrupt it. This article looks at how Netflix unseated HBO by doing exactly what HBO did in the 1980s, but they did it with on-demand programming. And they make a similar comparison with YouTube and MTV. Thanks Justin Freid, VP Search & Emerging Media, for this story.

Continuing a look at Beyond the Pill opportunities for pharma to really make a difference – “elder orphans” is the name used to describe Baby Boomers who have no loved ones to care for them as their health fails, and as we saw in the May 15 Scoop that can often have heartbreaking results.

Brands can be playful, but you have to obey the rules of the game – trouble is, it’s tough to decipher what those rules are. That’s the deal with social media marketing, as some hit home runs (Arby’s, with the Pharrel hat example) and many others strike out. Thanks to Karima Sharif, Exec. Director, Media and Advanced Audience Engagements, for this story.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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