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The Scoop – Next Gen ACOs | Autism Personified | Weird News of the Day May 22, 2015

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CMS has announced the model for the next generation of ACOs, and with it they’re saying, “we’ve had some laughs, we’ve learned some lessons, we’re getting better,” and also “telemedicine is cool with us.”

Today’s search news has nothing to do with Google. I’ll pause to let that sink in a bit. Okay. Bing has done some research around the value of brands bidding for keywords around their own brand terms. There’s a lot of interesting detailed information in this article, but the short of it is – in the industries they studied (travel and retail), there were clear benefits. Thanks to VP Search & Emerging Media Justin Freid for this story.

What happens when someone is diagnosed with autism at age 21? In this beautiful and informative story, autism is explored in a very different way – not as a disease that happens to a patient, but as a different sort of life that has a lot of potential.

A side effect of the HiB vaccine is decreased risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and scientists have discovered that it’s because of the way the vaccine triggers an immune response.

Weird news of the day is a toss-up: is it Nintendo hiring a new executive named Bowser (possibly the only time the phrase “fire breath” has appeared in a personnel press release), or is it a Wall Street Journal article written almost entirely in emoji? Either way…TGIF.

ICYMI: The CDC has created a map of the US showing the leading cause of death in each state. Louisiana, you’ve got some explaining to do.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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