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The Scoop – Postpartum Mental Health Interest Surge | NPs in NE | Beyond the Pill May 26, 2015

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A new law in New York focusing on reducing depression in new moms has spurred a surge of interest among healthcare professionals in learning how to treat mental health.

We haven’t talked about nurse practitioners in a bit – but their impact and prescriber status in many states has continued to rise. In Nebraska, for example, NY Times reports that 1/3 of the state’s residents are more than an hour away from a doctor. The Times doesn’t report on Nebraska often so when they do, it’s time to listen.

While many current trends, including telemedicine, argue for less hospitalization, a recent patient essay argues for more, better in-patient care. This is Beyond the Pill in its deepest form. She writes, “Whether we are suddenly incapacitated, like my husband, or dependent on recurrent interventions, like me, patients are expected to be resilient and resourceful. Yet with very short hospitalizations, patients cannot be resilient or resourceful if we are too ill-informed, disabled, isolated, inarticulate, impoverished or weak to help ourselves.”

Who else is a big fan of Dr. Danielle Offri? Her latest for NY Times explores why she always documents next of kin contact information for her patients – and within the essay you’ll see the side of doctors that is really impacted by their patients’ lives outside the exam room.

Famous pairings, go: um… okay, um Romeo and Juliet! Peanut butter and jelly! Add a few more to the list as referenced in recent studies: obesity in teens and bowel cancer; and depression and heart failure; depression and Parkinson’s.

-Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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