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The Scoop – Hot Events | eMarketer Digital Ad Spending | Medscape Crystal Ball May 29, 2015

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In yesterday’s Scoop I forgot a very important point about our upcoming webinar – the speaker, Dr. Michael Shannon, was chosen because he was a smash hit at a recent major industry EHR conference. Sign up for our free webinar on June 4 at 2:30. You’ll learn more about opportunities for pharma in EHRs and how to encourage collaboration across systems.

Speaking of awesome events, we will be live on the scene at Digital Pharma West, June 1-3 in San Francisco. If you’re interested in attending, you can get a 15% discount – email me for the special code. If you must miss it, don’t worry – you can watch the Scoop for a synopsis.

eMarketer’s report on digital ad spending in pharma shows that our industry continues to invest more in digital, but we still lag behind on that percentage of investment compared with other industries. Thanks to Associate Media Director Brett Marvell for this story.

Medscape had Dr. Eric Topol take out his crystal ball for the next 20 years in medicine in honor of Medscape’s 20th (Happy birthday! You look great!) So – Topol predicts better testing, better treatments for chronic diseases, and potentially Alzheimer’s prevention.

New guidelines say people should begin treatment as soon as they’re diagnosed with HIV.

Mascara-smudger of the day: a physician’s essay takes us to the moment she smuggled a Guinness to a dying patient to help fulfill a last wish.

Celebrity diagnosis of the day: Demi Lovato goes public with her bipolar disorder.

ICYMI: While many current trends, including telemedicine, argue for less hospitalization, a recent patient essay argues for more, better in-patient care. This is Beyond the Pill in its deepest form. She writes, “Whether we are suddenly incapacitated, like my husband, or dependent on recurrent interventions, like me, patients are expected to be resilient and resourceful. Yet with very short hospitalizations, patients cannot be resilient or resourceful if we are too ill-informed, disabled, isolated, inarticulate, impoverished or weak to help ourselves.”

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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