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The Scoop – One Click Rule Explained | Meeker Internet Trends Analysis | Teens Online June 2, 2015

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The proposed “one click rule” is a big deal – it could open the door for better conversations with our audiences, as our new POV explains. Check it out to get up to speed.

What are teens looking for online? Health information – in droves. A new study shows that the majority of teens have searched for information regarding their health, although they’re dubious about what they find.

Mary Meeker is one of our COO Jim Woodland’s favorite people. He just loves what she can do with an excel document. So anyway, Jim gave the heads-up that she’s come out with her Internet trends analysis, and as always it’s pretty interesting – mostly because of how definitive it is that the mobile web is the big kablooie. Is this the year of mobile? Nope, that was last year. This year, mobile just is.

Why have you been seeing a lot of news about subsidized Internet access for the poor? As Wired explains, “For those children, adults, and seniors, access to the Internet is about far more than getting Facebook or Netflix—it can mean not having access to educational resources, employment opportunities, and social programs that have started to move online.”

Win of the day – a 92-year-old cancer survivor becomes the oldest person to finish a marathon.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications

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