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The Scoop-How to Deliver Value to Doctors Via EMR|Digital Pharma West Day 2| Breast Cancer Screening June 5, 2015

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To ensure we’re ahead of the curve on all things relating to EHRs, we brought in top companies in the space and expert physician Dr. Michael Shannon (hope you caught the webinar), as well as our own CMI/Compas experts who study the space, and focused an entire day on the topic. Why? As some sneak peek 2015 Media Vitals data tells us, 86% of physicians using EHRs do so in the exam room with the patient present. What an amazing opportunity to engage at point of care! We learned from Dr. Shannon the incredible importance of making EHRs simple to use, and of pharma taking part to provide prescribers what they need. Also underscored was the importance of building trust, which can be done by providing value – information and resources that your audiences need. Although the EHR space still has a lot of growing to do, they offer better outcomes and benefits for everyone. Thanks to Carly Kuper for sharing this synopsis even though she’s enjoying a day off.

Tracy Smith, Executive Director, Customer Development brings us these takeaways from the final day of Digital Pharma West:

Greg Jackson, EVP and Chief Data Officer for Everyday Health shared his list of Top 10 Tips to Engage Your Gen XYZ Audience:

  1.  Make it relevant
  2. Listen for trends (use KOLs)
  3. Obsess over headlines
  4. Be more visual
  5. Make visual platform appropriate
  6. Optimize for mobile
  7. Optimize for social
  8. Get creative
  9. Be cautious with humor
  10. Don’t alienate everybody else

 This question was asked of the audience: “What do you want that you don’t have?”  The consensus answer was “EHR patient data.”

In other important health news, MedPageToday reports on an update to breast cancer screening: women ages 50-69 should absolutely be screened.

Researchers have developed a blood test that could reveal every virus a person has ever had–an important development in treating chronic diseases and cancers, as well as tracking patterns of disease.

ICYMI: Researchers are finding stronger ties between Alzheimer’s and diabetes and this understanding is uncovering keys to new treatment.


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