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The Scoop – HealthKit Upgrades | ePatient Research | Bigfoot Biomedical June 9, 2015

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Among Apple’s announcements yesterday of a new iOS and a music streaming system was the whisper of HealthKit upgrades, including reproductive support. Can the Apple Watch be the killer app that allows doctors to make data-driven health decisions, leading to better health outcomes? Some think so – in an essay for HIT Consultant, experts argue that Apple is leading technology in the right direction.

SEO Analyst David Hur shared: Lucien Engelen talks about how there is a movement for patients conducting their own research about disease states and medications.  This is not being done yet, but people sure are interested. Here is a brief summary of the article:

  • Patients want to access their own data
  • Many citizens are using affordable sensor technology
  • Cloud-based integration technology collect data every day
  • Frameworks that allow patients to research and own data outcomes
  • Disruption of old methods in data collection is more commonplace
  • Uberisation of healthcare (Private practitioners being contracted vs. doctors in hospitals)

Ultimately, there could be a system where HCPs and researchers request a subscription to all patients’ data, so they can use that data to treat patients better.  However, this is still just a theory because it has not been done before and there is no guarantee that this movement will truly bring better treatment to patients.

Bigfoot Biomedical is a company started by computer scientists whose children have diabetes, with the aim to create better medical devices. As Wall Street Journal writes, “Bigfoot’s roots go back about four years to when Bryan Mazlish’s son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. At the time, Mr. Mazlish was working in quantitative finance, writing computer codes that predicted what stocks to buy. He figured similar principles could predict how much insulin the body needed to regulate blood sugar.” The company is partnering with others in the diabetes space to explore what they can bring to market.

A centuries-old vaccine could help reverse Type 1 diabetes, according to promising new research.


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