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The Scoop – Touch to Search | Nurses and Apps | Inspiring Apps June 11, 2015

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SEO Supervisor Michael Ranalli shares: Google has now launched its Touch to Search functionality on Android devices. This allows users to highlight text from their mobile device (similar to how you’d begin to copy and paste) and search right from the page. In Google’s quest to answer questions in as few clicks as possible, this creates the opportunity to instantly answer questions, not to mention generate exponentially more paid search impressions. I tried this out with some of our brands and was really pleased with what came up – try it for yours!

Most nurses use smartphone apps at work, according to a new study:

  • 88% use apps at work
  • 73% used apps to look up drug information
  • 69% use their smartphones to communicate with colleagues in the hospital

New guidelines aim to improve the way pathologists diagnose disease, spurred largely by misdiagnoses in breast cancer.

The head of global sales at Pebble used to have a secret – she is hearing impaired. But in her role she has inspired Pebble to create apps compatible with her hearing aid, and has inspired other companies throughout her career to similarly improve technology for all. Meet her and two other health/tech inspirations in this feature. Thanks to our Christo Rey intern Jada for this story.

Heartwarming story of the day: A service dog saved his owner’s life by blocking her from being hit by a bus – wow.

I was lucky to be in our New Jersey office for a BBQ that said hello summer and a sad goodbye to our Christo Rey interns – for now, anyway, as they’ll be coming back in the fall.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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