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The Scoop – Programmatic Exchanges | EMR Data Mining | FDA Approval Process June 12, 2015

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This article, shared by Media Planner Kyle Cooper, explains the many pros of Private Programmatic Exchanges over Open Programmatic Exchanges. In commentary to this, SVP Buying Services & Deliverables Nicole Woodland-DeVan noted: This is in large part why we are engaged in mostly programmatic direct engagements for AdMission (or as they referred programmatic premium) relationships with our endemic publishers.  Even the non-endemic inventory that AdMission is accessing is mostly private (premium) auction based.  I think we will see an increase in demand for programmatic direct because this also protects the publishers revenues as much as secures the brand from less than optimal inventory.  In terms of data – in endemic we are able to verify any publisher data (NPI) that is being leveraged so we can trust it.  We are not leveraging any publisher data for non-endemic buys because they don’t have anything that would be of value for our types of buys.  That being said, with consumer campaigns we do have the option of integrating and leveraging 3rd party data (i.e. BlueKai) to enhance campaign reach.

Associate Media Director Jenny Baban shared: I came across this interesting article which suggests a link between heartburn medication and heart attacks. It’s not clear if this is an issue of causation or correlation, but what’s interesting is that researchers mined through 3 million EMR records to find the link. 

A NY Times OpEd argues against changing the standards of FDA’s approval process, saying that although it can be beneficial to get drugs to market faster, it’s not worth potential risk.

A survey of people with diabetes found that the majority of them are interested in tech tools that can help them manage their condition, and would like to hear about such tools from their doctor.

Heartwarming story of the day: A man with special antibodies in his blood has given blood every week for 60 years, saving the lives of 2 million babies.

ICYMI: The US ad market is expected to grow an average of 3.1% over the next four years. Growth for TV will be lower, and growth for digital overall will be higher.

– Carly Kuper, VP, Strategic Marketing & Corporate Communications


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